Orange Shape Atmos Ice Insert

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The Atmos Orange Shape Insert brings a zesty addition to your Atmos Ice Press and a must-have for the enthusiast.

Deliver and enhance the fruits of your cocktails with this orange centre piece – made in minutes! Perfect for hosting events, cocktail bars and cocktail aficionados.

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  • Keep out of reach of children,
  • Use provided ice tongs to hold any ice when placing in and removing from the ice press,
  • Do not operate under the influence of alcohol,
  • Always reseat top body on bottom body after use so the guiding pins are not exposed,
  • Always make sure the Ice press is seated in the Provided drip tray correctly before use,
  • Caution with handling the Ice press as the weight could cause bodily damage if dropped etc,
  • Take care when removing and replacing insert shapes,
  • Always store in Foam Box supplied,
  • Wash only with warm tap water and soft cloth (NO CHEMICALS),
  • Do not put any parts supplied in the Dishwasher,
  • Stainless steel cups are solely for Making ice casts,
  • Be Aware of sharp edges on any of the products,
  • Ice tongs to only be used for placing and removing Ice,
  • Always dry the full unit thoroughly after each use with a soft cloth,
  • Store in a warm dry place,
  • Unit does not self reheat,
  • Only use warm tap water for reheating,
  • Do Not Microwave,
  • Do Not place in a fire of any form,
  • Let the ice temper before placing in the ice press,
  • Always align the alignment dots on the press with the inserts,
  • Manufacturers warranty of 6 months through faulty parts only! any damages need to be reported within 7 days of delivery to otherwise warranty is void, all returns delivery will be paid by yourselves and not B&G living ltd,